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Privacy Policy

I do not do pop-ups, referrals or hot-links and I really do not care about your personal information. You are strongly encouraged to use openid, your email password, or your checking account number if you are asked to login to this site to make comments and to not even ask me to manage your name, callsign, dmrid or email address and account (which I won’t anyway).


Assume that anything you send over the internet is insecure – assume anything you send over the airwaves is even less secure than the internet (duh?). If you send it to me then I can publish it as I see fit – if this does NOT suit your requirements then do not send it to me. This means I assume no liability for anything including any viruses, trojans, malware, spam that you think you may have picked up by reading the Adventures in Radio notebook.

The internet is not safe – I am not out to harm you or your systems but I am also not going to take any liability for them either. If you want safe web sites (maybe) then may I refer you to please go ... go now!

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If you send in spam or junk mail you automatically agree to pay me $1,000.00 per incident as a toxic waste management fee. Anything else that you send me becomes my property to do with as I will.

I probably like them if I link to them, they might have paid me to link to them but as far as you are concerned they are internet gems to be treasured. The sites have no relation to me and are traversed at your own risk. If a callsign is mentioned other than my own do not assume that it is a recommendation - hey they have a callsign so are probably very fine upstanding folks and a fine credit to ham radio - they are not in anyway obligated to me and I am in no way obligated to them.

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