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KD2WLL - Amateur Radio Notes

TYT MD-9600 Manual Dialing Group and private Calls

Manual Dialing Talkgroup and Private Calls

Prerequisite - you have programmed one of the buttons to toggle promiscuous mode.Connect to the repeater of hotspot (zone) where you are going to reach the talkgroup or make the private call.

  • Press # on the mic which should bring you to a menu.
  • The menu should be showing new contact (1)  Groupcall    (2)  PrivateCall
        Use arrow keys to move to whichever one you want - then, press menu on the mic to select.
  • From the (blank) screen, using the mic keypad enter the number e.g. 98003 and then press the PTT button
  • You should now be connected to the talkgroup or private call that you entered

'73 KD2WLL