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TYT MD-9600 Hardware version number

Radio Hardware Version

TYT has made, at the time of writing this, three different versions of the radio. Unfortunately, you can't tell from the packaging or by looking at the radio itself what the version is. The first version had a lot of problems, most of which were corrected in version 2. Version 3 corrected the problems that remained as only (partially) fixed in version 2. These are hardware version changes. You cannot upgrade from one version to another as these were factory revisions to the hardware.

If you are buying the radio then ask the seller what version it is and try to stick with version 3. Later updates to the firmware and CPS only support version 3.

The only way to determine the hardware version is to let the CPS read it from the radio itself. The above images shows the CPS information before initiating a CPS program read and after reading the radio firmware. If the hardware version shows as 2.01 or later then you have a version 3 radio.

'73 KD2WLL