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KD2WLL - Amateur Radio Web Links and destinations


Clearnode Operations Cheat Sheet (PDF) A cheat sheet for commonly used Clearnode (Allstarlink) commands

Podcasts Welcome to the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast. A radio talk style podcast for amateur/ham radio operators by amateur/ham radio operators. Linux Open Source and ham radio podcast. Kind of a ham radio from a developer perspective. The "deep dive" episodes into ham radio software like logging, digital modes, Allstarlink, M17 and similar are well worth listening to.

Web Sites Home of the no-nonsense tech guides and an interesting and informative ham radio blog site.

Longwave, Mediumwave and Shortwave Bands: Free downloads Wallpaper to Poster images of the various bands (very nice)! Handcrafted accessories for the ham shack. I have "talked" with the owner via email to see if he had a cable I was looking for. I have not bought anything yet but it looks like a contact worth having if you need an accessory that is out of the ordinary.

You can look up from YOUR location to see what FCC licenses have been granted in the are - i.e think commercial, paging etc.It is WAY faster than doing the FCC lookup thing

Similar to the previous link. This is an Amateur Radio License Map. Use this map to find amateur radio license holders in the USA. Put in a U.S. Callsign and the map centers on that Callsign location and then proceeds to show all of the callsigns nearby.


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