Winston Lawrence

KD2WLL - Amateur Radio Notes

Audio Mixer configuration for the IC-705


Connecting ICOM IC-705, Rode PodMic and Harbinger LV7 mixer

  1. The connection from the Rode PodMic to the Harbinger LV7 mixer (channel 1) is via a standard balanced XLR cable.
  2. The connection from the ICOM IC-705 3.5mm speaker jack into the Harbinger mixer is via cable with Harbinger LV7 Connections to the IC-705 the 3.5mm sereo plug on one end and two (stereo) 6.35mm (or 1/4") phone plugs on the other end connected into the Harbinger phone plug (channel 2/3) jacks.
  3. Finally the mic input to the IC-705 came from an XLR to 3.5mm plug cable which is in turn plugged into the Harbinger left XLR Main Outs channel with the 3.5mm plug going into a Heil AD1-1HT adapter for the IC-705. The Heil adapter gave me the mic input and a PTT switch.
    • A note about that Heil adapter: It is a weird configuration in that the PTT switch is about 3 inches long and so sits right in front of the radio it really should be maybe 12 to 18 inches to be useful. It would also be better if Heil had just replaced the PTT switch entirely with a plug so that the user can put whatever PTT switch they want in its place. Ultimately (after conferring with I just cut off the PTT switch and replaced it myself with a 6.35mm (1/4") phone jack so that I could connect my footswitch.
  4. Heil AD1-iht showing PTT switch removed
  5. The remaining connection that I made was to connect the Harbinger headphone output to a small Anker speaker which improves the audio quality.
Does it work?
Everything worked once connected. I did not experience any ground loop or hum issues but on the other hand, I had to crank up the gain on the mixer side surprisingly higher than I had expected. I still have to experiment with the IC-705 audio settings and probably roll off some of the base from the mixer but hey it's ham radio and experimenting is part of the fun.

'73 KD2WLL