Winston Lawrence

KD2WLL - Amateur Radio Notes

RT73 Operations Long Island connection notes.



LIMARC repeaters

From an indoor antenna placed by an upstairs window, I could only reach the LIMARC Selden repeater.
I could not reach the LIMARC Plainview repeater, just kept getting a "BS Failed" message on the RT73 radio. I did not really expect to reach P;ainview since this was just initially playing around and setting up the radio with an indoor antenna to boot. It's a mobile radio so that will be my first real test.
I have talkgroup 9998 setup as "Local Echo" for LIMARC but there are conversation going on that I have listened in on but so far not said anything as I can't tell if its actually local to Long Island / LIMARC folks or regional and nobody says what talkgroup they are listening on when they say listening :-)

UHF Analog repeaters

RT73 Zone-channel codeplug configuration for UHF Analog repeaters

Somewhat surprisingly there are quite a few simplex repeaters relatively close to me and from an indoor antenna placed by an upstairs window, I could easily reach them. The ones in the above image showing as HIGH power appear to have reached the repeater but I'm not yet hearing any traffic so I may still have to tinker with the settings or there's nobody (like me) throwing out their callsign.

'73 KD2WLL