Retevis/Ailunce RT73     
Retevis (Ailunce) RT73.


This notebook section

These notes are a summary of working with the RT73 mobile radio. I refer to this radio as the RT73 since it is sold by Retevis, Ailunce and, Kydera, as noted in the title, under their own brand names. Apparently, all the radios originate from the same factory and all of these companies may turn out to be the same organization.

The Retevis RT73 documentation covers the basics of operating the radio, primarily menu, button, and key functions but provides little information about RT73 software and programming. The codeplug programming software (CPS) does not provide much documentation; misses some basic CPS programming features and contains bugs that are slowly being addressed.
Between the documentation and the CPS, it isn't always clear how to program and operate the radio. The following are notes I created while trying to figure out how to accomplish the indicated tasks. A lot of the information compiled here has come from a couple of sources online (kydera, Ailunce Reddit, and sometimes even Retevis).


The following section contains notes on bugs that were found and any workarounds.


The following section contains notes on setting up and operating the RT73.