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Yaesu FT3DR: ADMS11 importing CSV data from


Problem: Yaesu's ADMS11 program fails to import CSV data exported from Repeaterbook

It took a little effort to figure out the issue but this is my solution, which is not necessarily the only soliution. If you have a different method please let me know. Taking a look at the exported .CSV file appears to show that everything is okay but the Yaesu ADMS11 program fails to import the repeater data. If you look closely at the CSV file you will notice that some records appear like the following:

The TX value is zero and the offset adjustment shows "+/-".Only values within the 108 MHz to 579.995 MHz frequency range are valid. These values need to be changed to the following:

The TX value is set to the same as the RX value (instead of zero) and the Offset application is turned OFF. Once these changes are made the csv export should import without any more problems.

'73 KD2WLL