Winston Lawrence

KD2WLL - Amateur Radio Notes

Yaesu - Clearnode setup.


Note: The Clearnode already had a digital mode enabled and working (DMR) so the change was simply to configure and turn on YSF and Fusion. You can only have ONE digital mode active at a time so its DMR or YSF (gateway) or FCS.
1. Clearnode configuration

The Clearnode configuration is as follows:

Digital Bridge set to YSFN
YSF Parrot enabled (while testing)

2. Testing the Yaesu FT3DR - DTMF and Allstarlink

My initial test was to tune the radio to the Clearnode Frequency and talk. Nothing happended and then I realized that the Clearnode was also using CTCSS and was set to 107.2. I made the change on the radio, and it sort of worked. That is it worked initially and then I couldn't really get it to work consistently again. I had pulled out my Radioditty GD77 which was the radio I mainly used with the Clearnode and that was working fine which seemed to indicate that the Clearnode configuration was fine since the GD77 was working. I even looked on the CLearnode site where it showed the API level at 79 and my Clearnode was 76. I couldn't get the Clearnode update to worjk and I have a support request into node-ventures about this but again, the GD77 was working.

I ended up putting the CLearnode configuration onto the SD card (along with my other hotspots, local repeaters etc) setting Tone SQL to 107.2, Narrow FM etc and then loaded the configuration from the SD card into the radio. I went to the memory location to retrieve the Clearnode entry and everything worked just fine. Haven't figured out why my manual configuration didn't take but there it is. I was able to issue DTMF commands from the Yaesu to the Clearnode with no further problems.

'73 KD2WLL