Winston Lawrence

KD2WLL - Amateur Radio Notes

Yaesu FT3D Operation with Pi-star hotspot or System Fusion repeater


FT3D Operations

    • Room search and connection shortcuts:

      1. You should be connected to the hotspot/repeater and the FT3D screen should be displaying the name of the last room that you connected, either flashing (room is not connected yet) or solid (you are connected to this room).

      2. When you see the icon you can rotate the F3D dial to scroll through rooms that you have previously connected. This is a shortcut method to either reconnect or change to a different room.

      3. Rotate the dial until you come to the node/room where you wish to QSO and then click on that room to connect.

      4. There is another shortcut option when you are on the FT3D screen displaying   [WIRES CATEGORY] . The [WIRES CATEGORY] menu will show 5 memory locations labelled  "C1" through "C5"  (unless you have changed the names) followed by two choices on the bottom of the screen that you can click on. If you have previously saved rooms (as a favorite/shortcut) in one of the  "C1" through "C5"  memory locations you can click on that memory location which will then show you whatever node/rooms were saved and you can select the room that you want to QSO.

'73 KD2WLL